Servas Rwanda tries to get more countries involved in Africa

The national secretary of Servas Rwanda has an unusual job, at least from an African point of view. He works to prevent men committing acts of violence against women and family members. He runs training courses for men, introducing them to a different view of women and family than the one they are used to. The women are also involved. It is an exemplary project and far from standard. Three cheers for this ground-breaking work!
Here you can find a BBC-Interview about the programm:

But that isn’t enough for him. He has resolved to spread Servas throughout the whole of Africa, no less. In some countries that means reactivating Servas, in others it means starting from scratch. He also plans to bring the Arabic-speaking world in northern Africa into the Servas fold. We wish him much luck and success! Continue reading “Servas Rwanda tries to get more countries involved in Africa”