Servas – The Welcome Game

Servas – the game

Peter Inzenhofer, a longtime member of Servas originally from Munich, developed a Servas-Quartet- card game to teach languages.

Because the game is an international project, both instructions to the game and pronunciation of the words to be learned are in English.

WELCOME represents the (Servas) ideal, that in addition to a few dollars, Euros, pounds, yen or rubles in their pockets, travelers ought to have a few important words and expressions in the language of the country in their heads.

How rewarding it is to be able to greet or thank people of various cultures and languages with typical words from the region!

WELCOME enables learning four terms as a game, perhaps even in the company of guests or hosts. It makes an original and practical hospitality gift.

WELCOME has very few simple rule to encourage occasional or non-players to try it.

The game consists of 64 cards with four words (Hello! Welcome! Thanks! Peace!) in 16 different languages (including all six UN languages, Esperanto, and also African and Asian languages) plus pronunciation aids. In addition there are four blank cards, so that more languages may be added.

The Servas calling card is printed on the back of each card, so that the game may be presented to people to interest them in the organization. It may be played with children from the age of ten, for example in schools, refugee institutions, or day care centers.

WELCOME can be ordered for €4,50 plus postage via e-mail at

Please transfer the fee to the following account. The cost of postage may be ascertained at

Bank: DKB Berlin

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