Membership fee

The membership fee is €15 per calendar year per adult.
Young people who do not travel themselves do not have to pay a fee.
The membership fee is due on January 1 of each year.

New members do not pay a fee in the year of admission.

Please transfer the membership fee each year to the following account:
Servas Germany e.V.
IBAN DE59120300001005429970
(… IBAN divided into blocks of 4: DE59 1203 0000 1005 4299 70)
Bank is the DKB Berlin.
Purpose: all name(s) for which the membership fee is being transferred + your region such as BW, HH or HE etc.

Membership lasts until officially cancelled.
Notice of termination must be given in writing by November 30th. of the year to our postal address or an e-mail office (at)
Membership then ends at the end of the calendar year.
If you have any questions, please contact your regional coordinators. We’re happy to help