How to become a member

Since 1948 Servas members have been contributing to peace and intercultural understanding through personal contact of Servas travelers and hosts all over the world.

If you want to become a Servas member and currently live in Germany, you may apply at Servas Germany. The application process is explained on this page. (If you don’t live in Germany, you may apply at Servas International.)

Servas is different…

To become a Servas member, a personal interview with an experienced Servas member (interviewer) is required. Thereby, Servas ensures security for its members and data protection.

As a Servas member, you can travel as a Servas traveler, for which you need a stamped Letter of Introduction (LoI), and/or host Servas travelers as a Servas (night or day) host.

As a Servas traveler, you usually visit Servas hosts for two days and nights and immerse yourself in their everyday lives and culture during this time. To travel with Servas, you do not have to be a host. But of course Servas would not work without the approximately 15,000 hosts worldwide!

As a Servas host, you grant a Servas traveler insight into your home and everyday life during their (usually) two night stay. Nobody expects a luxurious accommodation – an air mattress in the living room does the job. If you do not have the possibility to host someone in your home, you can also be in contact with Servas travelers as a day host (same membership application process).

Servas hosts tell their guests about their country, but Servas traveller are also mini ambassadors of their country and bring their culture to the hosts’ home. This can lead to an interesting exchange of ideas, which will have a lasting effect on you and will create a memory for life!

How to become a Servas member?

Step 1
Contact us and schedule an interview

First, you contact your Servas coordinator (person who is in charge of applications in the region where you live). If you plan to travel with Servas, contact the coordinator 3-4 weeks before your planned trip. The coordinator will provide you with information on how to proceed and puts you in contact with an interviewer. Next, make an appointment with the interviewer for the interview.


Step 2

Our interviewers are experienced Servas travelers and hosts, thus they can tell you about the special way of traveling and hosting with Servas and answer specific questions.

You need to fill out the (1) membership application* and accept the (2) privacy policy BEFORE the interview and bring them to the interview. Don’t forget to bring your ID.

*For applicants who plan to travel with Servas, please use the “personal background” text box on the form to introduce yourself briefly in a written text in English. Please include the purpose of your planned trip, previous travels, your interests, your education and membership in other organizations that are relevant for the Servas idea. This text together with some of your personal information will later become your Letter of Introduction (LoI), which you need for traveling with Servas (see more in step 4).

Forms (membership application and privacy policy) can be found here.


Step 3
Send us your application

After completing the interview, send your application documents (= your membership application & accepted privacy policy) to the coordinator. Then you will be included in the international database (


Step 4
Set up a full profile on

Once the coordinator included you in the database, you will be notified and requested to set your password. You have then access to your online profile on
We kindly ask you to fill out your online profile and upload your photo. This is the first impression you give to Servas travelers who may contact you to be hosted or Servas hosts who you want to visit. Please maintain your online profile well and keep your data up to date! Your information should be filled out in English and, if applicable, the language of your destination country.
Once you have created your online profile, let the coordinator know and they will double-check, if your profile is complete.
For traveling with Servas, the coordinator will unlock an electronic stamp for the current calendar year for your electronic Letter of Introduction (LoI), which you can download on your online profile. You should always include your stamped Letter of Introduction (LoI) in your initial contact with Servas hosts.

Congratulations, you are now a Servas member and can start traveling with Servas yourself or host Servas travelers from all over the world!

Fees and end of membership

All Servas employees work on a voluntary basis. Nevertheless, expenses are incurred, e.g., financing of the database, its further development and maintenance, fees for Servas International, server fees, office materials, telephone and internet.

To be a Servas member, you have to pay the membership fee (15 € per adult) per calender year. New members do not have to pay a fee in the year of admission. The membership fee is due on January 1st. one year due.

Bank account numbers

Every Servas traveler and host is a member of Servas Germany until they officially terminate their membership. A termination of the membership must be communicated to the treasurer and coordinator until the 30th of November of the previous year, so that it becomes effective on the 1st of January of the following year.

After your trip

We highly appreciate your feedback to keep traveling with Servas enriching and safe. With your feedback, we can address the countries concerned, if problems or misunderstandings arise. Additionally, if you send us a travel report (to, you can inspire other Servas members to travel to your destination country and let them know your experiences. Please send your travel report within 4 weeks of the end of your trip.

An evaluation of feedback/travel reports can be found here.

Additional information

  • Every adult needs a separate online profile in Children (< 18 years) that are travelling with their parents with Servas do not need a Letter of Introduction (LoI) and do not have to pay fees.
  • No Servas host is obliged to accommodate Servas travelers at any time. As a rule, the length of the traveler’s stay should be two nights, unless the host offers more on his own initiative.
  • The traveler leaves the house with the host – exceptions may be offered only by the host.
  • Travelers without an online profil on and electronic Letter of Introduction (LoI) or with expired LoI should not be hosted.
  • In case of serious misconduct of Servas travelers or hosts, which fortunately is very rare, please report the incident to the board of Servas Germany and appropriate measures will be taken.