How to become a host

Every traveler and host is a member (membership application) of SERVAS Germany until they officially terminate their membership. A termination of the membership must be communicated to the treasurer until the 30th of November of the previous year.

To travel with Servas you do not have to be a host. But of course Servas would not work without the approximately 15,000 hosts worldwide!

As a host, you typically grant a Servas traveler insight into your everyday life for two nights. Nobody expects or should expect a luxurious accommodation – an air mattress in the living room does the job.

If you do not have the possibility to host someone in your apartment, you can also be in contact with Servas travelers as a day host.

How to become a Servas host?

Step 1
Contact us and make an appointment

Those who are not already Servas travelers should contact the Servas coordinator who is in charge. The coordinator will provide you with information on how to proceed and puts you in contact with an interviewer.

Step 2
Fill out membership application and privacy policy

The information filled out on the membership application form will appear in the list of Servas travelers in Germany. Any questions regarding the membership application may be discussed with the interviewer.

Download membership application
Download privacy policy

Step 3

Our interviewers have experience as Servas travelers and hosts, thus they can tell you about the special way of traveling with Servas and answer specific questions. Please bring the completed membership application form to the interview.

Step 4
Send membership application and pay fees

The regional coordinator will provide you with bank account details for the applicable fees. The membership fee for adults is 15,-€ per year. You have to send-in the membership application and pay the fees. Then, you will be included in the international database of Servas (SOL).
(bank account numbers)

Information for hosts

  • No host is obliged to accommodate travelers at any time. As a rule, the length of the traveler’s stay should be two nights, unless the host offers more on his own initiative.
  • The traveler leaves the house with the host – exceptions may be offered only by the host.
  • Travelers without an entry in SOL and electronic LoI, or with expired LoI, shall not be hosted. In case of serious misconduct of travelers, which fortunately happens very rarely, the host will report the incident to the board of Servas Germany and appropriate measures will be taken.