Report from Servas Youth Camp in Portugal 2018

Young German Servas member Franziska Hapunkt (*) from Dessau (*)  attended the Servas Youth Camp in Portugal in August 2018.  Maybe more young Servas members from Germany would like to ‘make you dream’ at Youth Camp 2019 in order to ‘overcome barriers between people of different nationalities in our heads’. Here you can find Franziska’s report in English and German:

Servas Youth Summer Camp 2018 in Vila Nova de Cerveira-english

Servas Youth Summer Camp 2018 in Vila Nova de Cerveira-deutsch

(*) Name and location changed by the editor 😉


Servas Indonesia Annual Meeting 2018

8th–9th December 2018, Temanggung, Central Java

Venue: Kowangan Utama F11, Temanggung ( Indrotomo Residence )

Itinrary (tentative):

8th Dec. 2018 (Sat)
– 2:00pm Check in the Hotel Indraloka, JL. Suwandi No. 3, Temanggung.
– 7:00pm Dinner at Venue followed by Servas Indonesia meeting, Musical show by Temanggung hosts orchestra.

9th Dec. 2918 (Sun)
– 6:30am Breakfast at the hotel
– 7:00am Depart for 1 day tour visiting unique tradisional places around Temanggung and end at Dieng Plateau.
– 4:00pm closing ceremony, depart to home or own extension.

Participation Fee is USD 50

The fee includes:
– Accommodation at Hotel Indraloka, De Luxe Standard Class, Double bed with AC and hot water, breakfast
– 1 Day Excursion.

Please register through Servas Indonesia National Secretary (
Registration is open from now until 30th November 2018.

The meeting fee is to be paid at meeting venue.

Pre/Post Conference Hosting By Servas Indonesia Members

Servas Indonesia members are most happy to host participants before or after the meeting, please inform the Servas Indonesia National Secretary ( if you wish to be hosted.


International Servas Week 2018

Dear Servas friends,

We want to invite you to participate in the Project “International Servas Week – Special edition 2018”, that you will find attached.

This project aims to put into action one of the ideas debated in the workshop we had at SICOGA 2015, and is the third year we organise it. You can find previous reports here

This project aims to continue this September and everyone can contribute to make it happen! And this year we propose you to organize an anniversary party as well, to celebrate our 70th years together.

We want to celebrate Servas, making connections all over the world during the same week, with simultaneous activities that spread Servas values, such as Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, and Understanding. And we want to start the 70TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION PICTURES COLLECTION. Please refer to the attached documents for more information or contact

Here you can see the aim of the project:



Name and theme: Connecting SERVAS: making connections with the world


Aim of the project:

What? Celebrate Servas Week once a year around the world, with simultaneous events organized during the week of 21st September.

How? Take part in global action to show ourselves to the world and so reinforce our values as an organisation, such as Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, Understanding.

Impact: As Servas members make new connections between us and with others who share common ground with Servas.

Annual Date: the week of 21st September, the UN international day of peace, to celebrate Servas values such as: Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, and Understanding.

You can find more information and examples in the file attached.

Thanks in advance for joining us in this activity!

In peace and friendship,

Innovation Group

Servas Canada Pilot: Introducing Electronic LOI

Servas Canada Pilot: Introducing Electronic LOI

Beginning January 1, 2018, hosts may receive Letters of Introduction that have only the electronic identification number instead of the traditional and familiar sticker stamp. This is the result of Canada’s project to pilot the electronic LOI (e-LOI), produced from the global membership administration system, Servas Online.

Q:  What will an electronic LOI look like? 

It will look very similar to LOIs used by most countries.  It was developed after examining the LOIs of many countries, trying to incorporate all the features that most countries use.  A few features may be customized by individual countries.

Q:  How can I tell if it is valid?

A valid electronic LOI will have:

  1. A stamp number beginning with the year in which it is issued(example:  2018-0001)
  2. A “Valid Until” date
  3. The signature and contact information of an administrator (interviewer, coordinator or other administrator).
  4. A picture of the traveller(s)
  5. A “personal background” statement, describing all of the people included in the LOI (including children).

If you have concerns about the validity of a particular LOI, you can look the traveller up on-line to confirm that these features are in the online profile.  Stamp number and “valid until” date can only be added by an administrator.  You are also welcome to contact the signer of the document.

Q: Are single LOIs for more than one person allowed (joint LOIs) ?

ServasOnline has been developed based on “one profile per member”’; however, the countries implementing it have found this to be very challenging, especially for host listings.  Some countries have allowed joint profiles for hosts.   Since many travellers are hosts, it is easier for them to produce joint LOIs.

It should be noted that  Servas international has not agreed to allow joint LOIs in the future.  It should be noted that the Servas  International policy at this point is to promote “one profile per member” and joint LOIs will not be allowed in the future.  However, for this year, for the pilot, it has been agreed that Servas Canada may use Joint LOIs.  This will give us an opportunity to test their feasibility and also to determine, if it is decided to use them in the future, what implications it would have for the development of the future financial module of ServasOnline.

We look forward to the results of the 2018 pilot!

Servas Canada

ServasOnline Team

SI Exco