Servas International has published a COVID 19 HOSTING AND TRAVEL POLICY

Dear members,

Servas-International has published a Covid-19 Hosting and Travel Policy.

You can find the policy translated in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian, here.

Servas has agreed on this policy to address safety concerns with respect to travel for Servas hosts and travellers during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

In summary:

➢ All government travel policies and restrictions related to Covid 19 in both the host and traveler countries must be respected for Servas travel.

➢ Additionally, hosts and travellers can ask each other regarding their Covid-19 related status and expect a reply.

➢ It is up to the host and traveller to decide if Covid-19 vaccinations, tests, or other considerations are needed before they meet, as long as it is not in contravention of the Government policies referred to in (1) above.

➢ Travellers need to be aware of the Covid-19 rules and conditions in a country they plan to visit.

* Please refer to this policy when hosting and travelling with Servas, and stay safe.










Sad note: Peter, the creator of the Servas welcome game, has passed away

Dear Servas friends,
(french version see below)
just a few days ago we received the really sad news that Peter has died of a sudden heart attack. He was staying with very close friends of his in Munich and his suffering was mercifully short.
Peter had set out in writing that he wanted an anonymous burial, no service and no official obituary.
It is with a heavy heart that we respect his final wishes.


Peter with the Servas Welcome Game: a quartet: Learn four important words in 16 languages for your travels. He developed the game for Servas*: private photo

Peter was a very special person and everyone who met him knew that he saw Servas as his family.
He always showed empathy, was open-minded and got on with everyone. Peter travelled all over the world with Servas and brought people together in his own special, playful way particularly with his games that so many of us enjoyed at Servas meetings.
Without him Servas will be poorer, as one member so poignantly said when he heard that Peter has passed away.
He will live forever in our hearts.

Translation: Peter is resting; private photo


In May 2020 he sent us an interesting report on his last journey across South America which can be found here (in German):

 We will miss him.

Conni Geisendorf, National Secretary Servas Germany

*Info about the Servas-Welcome-Game:


Version en Francais
Information: Nous pleurons Peter, le joueur

Chers membres Servas,
Nous avons appris récemment le décès soudain de Peter suite à une crise
cardiaque. Nous sommes soulagés de savoir qu’il a été auprès des gens familiers à Munich et qu’il n’a pas souffert.
De son vivant, il a exprimé par écrit qu’il souhaitait être enterré de manière anonyme et ne voulait pas de funérailles ni de nécrologie officielle.
Le cœur lourd, nous acceptons son dernier souhait.
Peter avec son Jeux Servas Welcome: Un jeu des sept familles: apprendre 4 mots importants pour voyager en 16 langues. Il a crée ce jeu pour Servas.

Peter était spécial, on le remarquait tout de suite et tous ceux qui l’avaient rencontré le savaient. Servas était sa famille de prédilection.
Il avait beaucoup d’empathie, était toujours positif et ouvert envers les gens. Il a voyagé dans le monde entier avec Servas et a su rassembler partout les gens avec sa façon ludique. Et surtout à travers ses jeux, avec lesquels il nous a enchanté lors de nombreuses réunions Servas.
Servas sera certainement plus pauvre sans lui, comme l’a dit à juste titre un membre. Il continuera à vivre dans nos cœurs.

En mai 2020, il nous a envoyé le rapport intéressant de son dernier séjour en Amérique du Sud, qu’on peut lire ici:
Il va nous manquer.

Conni Geisendorf, présidente de Servas Germany

*Information par rapport au jeu Servas-Welcomel:

Servas – das Spiel

Remembering inzenhopeter / Memoria de inzenhopeter

Dear Servas members,
many of you will remember Peter and if you would like us to publish any short anecdotes, just write to  mitgliederinfo (at)

Estimados miembros de Servas,
si lo desea, le ofrecemos publicar aquí breves notas sobre Peter.
Por favor escriba a      mitgliederinfo (at)


Remember Inzenhopeter: Mostly pictures from Servas-Alpine-Trekking Pathways Together in Karwendel 2014. We thank Guido (CH) for the creation of the nice pictures.



Travelogue contest in ‘crown’ time

Dear Servas members,

Traveling to other places is not quite possible at the moment. But who says, you cannot travel ‚in miniature‘?

What have you experienced on your way …………. from the kitchen ………. to the living room …….. to the bakery ………….. in your thoughts? Which enriching encounters did you have ……….. in the net ………… in your imagination …………. on your wayside ……….. queuing at the supermarket?

Write it down! Paint a picture, take a picture.

Please, send your tavelogue from the ‚crown time‘ to mitgliederinfo(at)

We will publish the best (if you agree).

Servas Germany, April 9th 2020


International Servas Week 2018

Dear Servas friends,

We want to invite you to participate in the Project “International Servas Week – Special edition 2018”, that you will find attached.

This project aims to put into action one of the ideas debated in the workshop we had at SICOGA 2015, and is the third year we organise it. You can find previous reports here

This project aims to continue this September and everyone can contribute to make it happen! And this year we propose you to organize an anniversary party as well, to celebrate our 70th years together.

We want to celebrate Servas, making connections all over the world during the same week, with simultaneous activities that spread Servas values, such as Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, and Understanding. And we want to start the 70TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION PICTURES COLLECTION. Please refer to the attached documents for more information or contact

Here you can see the aim of the project:



Name and theme: Connecting SERVAS: making connections with the world


Aim of the project:

What? Celebrate Servas Week once a year around the world, with simultaneous events organized during the week of 21st September.

How? Take part in global action to show ourselves to the world and so reinforce our values as an organisation, such as Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, Understanding.

Impact: As Servas members make new connections between us and with others who share common ground with Servas.

Annual Date: the week of 21st September, the UN international day of peace, to celebrate Servas values such as: Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, and Understanding.

You can find more information and examples in the file attached.

Thanks in advance for joining us in this activity!

In peace and friendship,

Innovation Group