Travel etiquette

Prior to travel

  • Fill your Letter of Introduction (LOI) in
  • Ask your coordinator for your eStamp
  • Search for hosts in and contact them as they wish in their profile, please note:
    Who: for example “women only”
    Max: number of guests
    Advance notice: (minimum) number of days to contact host in advance 
  • If you travel with friends: only Servas members may travel with Servas
  • Suggest to your friends to become members

At the host

  • Hand over your LOI after arriving at the host (unless you emailed it before)
  • Please, bring a little guest gift
  • As a guest never ask for longer stay, unless the host has a note in the profile
  • Offer your help in the household
  • Leave the house together with the host (unless agreed otherwise)

After the trip

  • Hosts will be pleased about a little email or postcard
  • Please, fill out the feedback sheet and send it to your coordinator