Servas International has published a COVID 19 HOSTING AND TRAVEL POLICY

Dear members,

Servas-International has published a Covid-19 Hosting and Travel Policy.

You can find the policy translated in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian, here.

Servas has agreed on this policy to address safety concerns with respect to travel for Servas hosts and travellers during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

In summary:

➢ All government travel policies and restrictions related to Covid 19 in both the host and traveler countries must be respected for Servas travel.

➢ Additionally, hosts and travellers can ask each other regarding their Covid-19 related status and expect a reply.

➢ It is up to the host and traveller to decide if Covid-19 vaccinations, tests, or other considerations are needed before they meet, as long as it is not in contravention of the Government policies referred to in (1) above.

➢ Travellers need to be aware of the Covid-19 rules and conditions in a country they plan to visit.

* Please refer to this policy when hosting and travelling with Servas, and stay safe.