Servas China Annual Conference 24.-26.8.2018

Once again, Servas China is presenting its annual conference to you

As the brand activity of Servas China, this year is the third consecutive year in which we host an annual conference. From a conference of 10 plus participants to a conference with more than 30 participants (2017, Shanghai), we are seeing the growing reputation and popularity of the conference.

China is a country of diversity and complexity. From the ice world of Harbin to the tropical island of Hainan, from the mountainous Yunnan to the flat Henan, from the Islam-influenced Xinjiang to the history-soaked Shandong, this country surprises you how more than meets the eye it can be. Previous years have seen Servas friends from Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, France, Australia, Turkey, Russia, Taiwan, etc. We had great times together, exploring a modern city of Shanghai, a riverside town of Shaoguan, and an industrial hub of Liuzhou. This year we are walking up along the Yangtze River to the province of Hubei.

Shennongjia city, (yes, rumor has it that prehistorical remnant of the early branch of homo sapiens are still active here. we are to have our conference here.)

The conference is to be held over the weekend of August 24-26 with possible pre-/post-conference activities. We are to visit the national park of Shennongjia and the hydropower complex of three gorges dan and some local museums.

The deadline for conference registration is May 30th, 2018. You may want to contact our conference organizers:
Conference registration contact, Ms. Lisa Lai, idiot_630(at)
Conference organization contact, Ms. Laura Zeng, laurazeng(at)

Yours cordially
Jack R. Huang
National Secretary
Servas China

Kindly notice:

  • Servas China cannot issue an official invitation letter as we have not registered to the government.
  • We may be able to issue an invitation letter stating we are friends and I personally invite you to come to China to visit.
  • The conference fee, including board and lodging, transportation, entrance fee to parks, is expected to be 280 US dollars.