Servas Hessen Kennenlernwanderung am Sa, 11.6.22 im Taunus, Anmeldung bis 4.6.

Einladung zur Kennenlern-Wanderung im Vordertaunus

Treffpunkt am Samstag, 11.6.22, 10:00h Bahnhof Schneidhain

(ab Bf. Schneidhain bis Kelkheim-Hornau 8,8 km
mit 50 m Anstieg und 120 m Abstieg)

Liebe Servas-Freunde,
wir laden zu einer Taunuswanderung ein, damit sich die Servas-Hessen mal ein bisschen kennenlernen

Unsere Tour zeichnet sich durch landschaftliche Schönheit und eine für das Frankfurter Umland erstaunliche Unberührtheit aus.

Der Bahnhof Schneidhain-Bahnhof ist direkt erreichbar mit der Taunusbahn, 31 min ab Frankfurt Hbf. „Servas Hessen Kennenlernwanderung am Sa, 11.6.22 im Taunus, Anmeldung bis 4.6.“ weiterlesen

Servas Schweden lädt zu einem Kunst-Event ein: 12.-19. Juni 2022

Lieber Mitglieder,

Servas Schweden lädt in die Universitätsstadt Uppsala zu einem Kunst- und Kreativ-Event ein:

„Servas Sweden invites you to apply for the Servas Art Workshop ”Come and Create!” in Uppsala, Sweden, 12-19 of June 2022.

During this week we invite 12 artists to come and live with Servas hosts in Uppsala and at the same time to join us in a creative workshop of creating through recycling. This is inspired by Servas environmental activities and a worldwide pursuit of sustainable development.“

Mehr Details findet ihr auf der internationalen Servas-Seite: hier

Servas Peace School in der Türkei vom 4. bis 15. Juli 2022 in Antakya

Lieber Mitglieder,

die Servas Peace School findet vom 4. bis 15. Juli 2022 in Antakya, statt.

Nähere Info erhaltet ihr hier:

SERVAS PEACE SCHOOL bringt die Vielfalt der Welt in die Dörfer…

Es gibt eine umfangreiches Workshop-Programm und zusätzlich freie Zeit für persönliche Begegnungen.


Wie läuft die Peace School ab?













Jugend & Familien-Sommercamp, Sizilien: 23-29.8.22, bis 15.5. anmelden

Liebe Mitglieder,

Sizilien ruft: „We do believe in peace!“

Details hier mit tollen Bildern: Servas_Summer_Camp-Catania Aug 22

On the west coast of Sicily near the Etna Volcano and the sea.
In this difficult time of international conflicts, we decided to offer
this camp as an opportunity to live a multi-cultural experience, to
discuss the subject of peace and solidarity and the ways to be peace
builder in our daily life.

So, be ready to share with us a FULL-IN-NATURE-EXPERIENCE:

• How: in an eco-friendly style

• Where: in a self managed Italian rural house or camping

• With: international friends

• Why: to discover new cultures 😊,  come and feel the taste of this Servas camp! 😊

Some workshops and activities:

• visiting the Etna volcano Natural Park (Nature around us)

• swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea

• share ideas on how to be Servas during/after the pandemic

during/after conflicts (experiences, projects for future)

• share ideas on how to be Peace Builder and volunteer in Servas

• Servas Peace School: an educational proposal to prevent

• climate change and sustainable lifestyle, what can Servas do?

• cooking and tasting traditional dishes from different countries

• food production and distribution (Fair Trade, conscious
consumption, Solidarity Buying Group-Gas)

• Workshop on ways to reduce food waste and eco-footprints

• meetings with local and national sustainable associations

• learning new ways of dancing and traditional music

• having A LOT of FUN!!!

• Where: Puntalazzo, Sicily (Catania airport)
• When: From Tuesday 23 to Monday 29 August 2022
• How many places: 60 in shared rooms and tents
• Standard Camp fee: 210.– eur
• children from 0 to 4 years old: free
• Special price for children 4-12 years old: 147.– eur
• Special price for youngsters (until 13-25 years old): 178.– eur

What is covered by the costs:
6 nights, food, basic insurance, activities
• What is NOT covered by the costs: all the rest

Registration within May 15, 2022at this link

(copy and paste it) :

It is an „active” camp: we are involved in activities as hiking,
walking, sharing of experience, games, brainstorming, music,dance,
tiding-up, dish-washing, cooking .
Take your skills and share them!
Expecially dedicated to youth & family, open to all-ages.
THE preliminary AGENDA will follow soon.
for more info, contact Staff team here :

Servas Youth Language Experience – Juni bis September 2022 in Bergamo, Northern Italy

Servas Youth Language Experience S.Y.L.E.- 2022

We are happy to inform you that the Servas Youth Language Experience will re-start in 2022!! It is a wonderful opportunity both for youngsters and for hosting families! „Servas Youth Language Experience – Juni bis September 2022 in Bergamo, Northern Italy“ weiterlesen