Servas Taiwan lädt ein: 1. Servas East Asia Online Meeting mit Teezeremonie am 30.10.21

Liebe Mitglieder,

Servas Taiwan lädt ein:

Mei Wang, National Secretary of Servas Taiwan and Area Coordinator of Servas East Asia  invites Servas members worldwide:

Dear Servas members worldwide,
Greetings from Taipei and East Asia!!!
We, Servas East Asia are going to host the 1st Servas East Asia online meeting (presenting Chinese tea ceremony, from tea to soul) on 30 Oct. We are honored and happy to invite you to join us. Please see the meeting details and register here by 20 Oct.

We Taiwan and Asian people have few chances to meet people especially from Latin America, Africa, and middle east (maybe it’s because it’s too far to meet). Maybe you have never met Asians either. If you are from these areas or you have never had Asian friends, it’s time for you to meet Asia. There is no distance limitation for online meetings. Let’s meet and do cultural exchange to understand each other more for world peace.

I just received a great idea from a Israeli member. She will join our meeting and plan to show the meeting in front of her grandsons at home. What a wonderful idea to show the meeting (presenting Chinese Tea Ceremony) to kids at home. One Japanese member will invite her friends to have dinner at home and join our meeting together after dinner to experience what Servas is. Let kids and friends learn different cultures through Servas online meeting. It’s so easy to do cultural exchange.

Welcome to join us (with your family and friends at home is ok too) and hope to see you online soon.

Mei Wang, National Secretary of Servas Taiwan
Area Coordinator of Servas East Asia

Conni Geisendorf, Servas Vorsitzende