Making Connections Programm

What is Making Connection?

One of the aims of the Making Connections project is to link interested
Servas travellers with host families who can offer a variety of opportunities for an extended stay or more in-depth visit to their country.
Volunteering, work experience, language learning, sharing skills and
knowledge and connecting with local peace organisations are examples
of potential activities that could be arranged in this way.
It was planned to post information on the open area the new SI website.
Instead it now seems more appropriate for it to be in a members’ only
area. This is still under development so in the meantime contributions
from the countries who are taking part are listed in this bulletin.
Although some countries have offered specific opportunities,
others invite travellers to make contact if they are interested in planning an extended stay in their country or want to pursue a particular interest.
Future editions will look at ways of linking Servas families including
proposals for an international tree planning project. Also linking Servas
members with a shared interest.

Please note:
Servas International is committed to promoting Making Connections as a
way of linking hosts and travellers. However contributions are only offered
as possibilities without any guarantee that they will lead to a definite arrangement. Any programmes or activities agreed between hosts and travellers remain the responsibility of the individuals involved without any liability to Servas International. There should be full discussion about expectations on both sides before arrangements are confirmed. This is especially important where an extended stay is planned for a traveller.

Some guidance for hosts and travellers planning an extended visit
1. Plan well ahead.
2. Check out each other’s expectations before confirming the visit.
3. Agree a programme in advance
4. Be precise about dates and length of stay.
5. Check out that you share a common language and whether the
traveller needs some knowledge of the local language to do the
planned activity.
6. Discuss any financial costs that the traveller will need to meet such
as transport, food, accommodation if not with hosts.
7. The traveller should have sufficient resources to cover any unexpected expenses.
8. The traveller should have a current letter of introduction and
travel insurance with medical cover.
9. Hosts are advised to avoid getting involved in any arrangements a
traveller may wish to make for paid employment.
10. Following the visit consider sending a short report to
So your experiences can be shared with others.

Some ideas for contributions to Making Connections :
If you are interested in offering a contribution
to Making Connections in Germany send your idea to

Some activities will involve a longer stay, from a few days to a month or
more with one or more hosts. However by planning in advance other             worthwhile experiences could be offered during a two night stay.
Suggestions include:
a) An observation visit for one day or more to a local social, environmental or human rights project known to the host.
b) A cultural programme for a few days or longer to give a traveller an
appreciation of the history, diversity, language and heritage within the host’s community.
c) Consider offering a language learning experience with a focus.
For example an interest in music, art, dancing, the environment,
helping with a community event.
d) Linking a traveller with a local peace or human rights organisation.
e) Skill sharing: a host sharing skills in their field of expertise or special interest.
f) Servas families with children and young people wanting to link with
other host families.
g) Exchanging ideas between hosts and traveller who share an
interest, skill or profession.
h) Host families offering a language experience in exchange for help
with learning the traveller’s own language.
i) Observation visits or work experience to contribute to a young
person’s training in a specific field.
j) Volunteering e.g. in local projects known to the host, at a
community event, help during harvest time
-from a few days through to a more extended stay. Highlight what skills, experience or interests a traveller might need.

South, Central and North America

Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, USA

Contact address:
Servas Brazil would like to introduce Brazil to Servas travelers, beyond beaches, Sao Paulo and Iguaçu Falls. See these projects: and
There is the possibility for Servas travellers to take part in a two week
programme that includes Salvador da Bahia, the first capital city, an
environmental project in Santo Antonio de Jesus, Bahia State and Petrolina and Juazeiro, twin cities on the border of Bahia and Pernambuco States.
In Petrolina you will visit the Women Association ( and
vineyards and may also cruise the São Francisco River. There are also volunteer opportunities at the University. Come with a willingness to learn and teach and share ! There are also possibilities for Environmental International Day in June each year. We expect that you will write us a small report about your experience to share with the Servas community and the blog of both projects. For more information contact Alvany Santiago at

Contact address:
Servas Canada is interested in contributing to Making Connections with
possibilities for language and cultural experiences for Servas members
of all ages. For more information contact

Contact address:
Servas Chile offers the possibility of a language and cultural experience for Servas members of all ages. Hospitality would be offered in various cities in Chile for up to one month. More information from

Contact address:
Servas Costa Rica has connections with a number of social projects which travellers could visit during their stay. For more information contact

contact address:
Servas USA would like to participate in the Making Connections project.
Contact for more information about possible programs
and projects.

India, Indonesia, Thailand

Welcome to India. We are happy to receive Servas travellers to learn, to enjoy, to connect and to share. We are of many diversities, religions, culture, climates, languages, food etc. If you would like some help to explore possibilities for your visit that can offer a more in-depth experience and under standing of life in India please let us know.
Contact Abhay Shaha, national secretary at

Contact address:
To Servas Travelers who are already exploring Indonesia or those who plan to visit Indonesia…We in Servas Indonesia are happy to have you staying longer with us to work in one of our projects. Our members would like to
promote the Making Connections programme through the activities we  can offer such as teaching English, working on an Outward Bound project, learning the Indonesian language and appreciating local cultures by learning about nature and traditional arts.
So far we have 4 places with different projects, that is, in Temanggung, Ngadirejo, Solo and Ambarawa. So you could change places during your  stay. These projects take place throughout the year, so it’s possible for
you to come at any time. If you would like more information contact
Or direct to me at and my local mobile  +62811275845. Thanks and Welcome, Amin Sudarto. Servas Indonesia NS.

Contact address:
Servas Thailand would like to welcome you to the land of smiles. Rich in
culture, natural beauty and vibrant socio-political development, Thailand
has much to explore during a longer stay.
We have almost 50 hosts for day visits and overnight stays across our
different regions in the country. We are ready to help you interact with
our local communities, spend time with you over our world famous street
food or perhaps a boat trip along the river, trekking over the mountain or
camping in the forests. Let us know if you would like to be a volunteer. Possibilities could include working in a wildlife sanctuary, at a meditation camp, helping in a hospital or in the paddy fields. Drop us a line and see you

Austria, Britain, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Italy,
Poland, Romania, Spain

Contact address:
Austria is offering longer stays for both adults and young people; an individual programme would be developed by the host families, through discussion with each Servas traveller.
Depending on the age of the visitor, a variety of language learning experiences could be offered. Travellers would be able to take part in everyday activities with their hosts.
We have several families with children and young people who are very interested in youth exchanges with other countries.
For several years Servas Austria has been associated with an integrative
intercultural organisation in Vienna:
Visitors would have a chance to participate in their activities.
In general the offers are from one to two weeks but some hosts may offer longer stays. One week stays with three or four different hosts might also be possible.
Some day hosts would be willing to take part in a visitor’s program for example through sports activities, language learning or visiting places of interest. The majority of our hosts are found in Vienna and surroundings as well as the region of Linz in Upper Austria.
The local language is Austrian German. All hosts speak English, many speak Italian or Spanish. Some financial contribution to the costs of the visit would be expected according to the circumstances of individual hosts and travellers. If you are interested in finding out more, contact us at
More information about Servas Austria can be found on
the website at

Contact address:
for more information about the following: Servas Britain offers help to travellers who are interested in finding out about possibilities for volunteering or work experience, especially for young people, during a visit to the UK. A number of hosts are involved in supporting asylum seekers and refugees and would welcome contact with travellers who are involved in similar projects in their own country. A host in the south of England is able to offer insights into the cultural and social life of her diverse local community. Each year there is an opportunity to join hosts as a volunteer for a week-end long village summer festival in the north of England.
Skype language friends: For those not able to travel to Britain a group of hosts offer an opportunity to practice speaking English via Skype. One member of the group would be interested in linking with an Italian speaker to also practice Italian.

Contact address:
Servas Czech Republic is interested in offering Servas travellers opportunities to experience the language and culture of their country.
For more information make contact at

Contact address:
Servas Georgia would like to offer Servas travellers opportunities to
explore the culture, diversity and heritage of Georgia. For more informat
ion contact them at

Servas Hungary would like to be involved in the Making Connections project. Contact them at  if you are interested in visiting Hungary for an extended stay or want to explore a particular interest.

Contact address:
Servas Iceland is interested in being involved in Making Connections.
The national secretary Kristofer Jonatansson has experience through Servas of a work exchange with someone doing the same job in another
country. Contact him on  if you are planning an extended visit to Iceland or interested in the idea of organising a work exchange through Servas.

Contact address:
Servas Italy has experience of offering language experiences for several
young people. They would also like to offer the possibility of a cultural
and language experience for members over 30. For more information

Servas Poland would like to be involved in the Making Connections project although has no specific programme yet to offer Servas travellers.
If you are interested in visiting Poland for an extended stay make contact at
Dariuz Deckert a host in Poland is offering support and advice to anyone  wanting to explore their family origins in Poland. Contact him at

Contact address:
There is an opportunity to help construct an eco-house whilst also finding out about life in in the Romanian countryside and its environment.
Contact Bogdan Ionescu, national secretary for more information at

Members of Servas Spain are keen to experiment with possibilities to
bring hosts and travellers together through Making Connections.
To make a start they make some suggestions for Servas travellers of all
ages coming to Spain. Even if you cannot visit Spain there is also an offer to build your Spanish language skills through making a Skype language friend. If you would like to find out more or if you have other ideas you would like to explore for a visit to Spain make contact at

Joaquim de la Mata: Servas member from Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Girona
is the capital of the province right above Barcelona, situated just 60 minutes by car north from Barcelona. I’m 65 and retired. I’m living with my wife Carolina in this wonderful city of Girona. We offer you many things to do here, cultural or activities, including a language exchange Spanish/Catalan–English. If you would decide to come and stay with us, I can offer you also some sportive activities in natural surroundings: walking, cycling and play pitch and putt. Also I would show you the two-thousand-year old city of Girona: Roman City and walls, Mediaeval
Quarter, Jewish Quarter…

2. AN ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE: Pilar Gutierrez Beired and I have a
painting STUDIO, and I can offer during your stay some Artistic leisure time.

with all our Servas friends all around the world: If you would like to practice your SPANISH so you do not forget it or want to improve your language sk
ill, please contact our GRUPO DE ESPAÑOL para  Servas del mundo at
a) Jesus Tabares. Para hablar en español, contáctame en (to speak Spanish
with me please contact me at) I live in Getafe, near
Madrid. I am a retired teacher.
b) Lucía Peralta: Name: Lucía, Age: 40, Job: Doctor, Interests: Nature,
Meditation, Discussing with people, dancing Lindy Hop.
Place of residence: Heras (Cantabria, North of Spain ). Languages: English ( low intermediate), French (basic).
Skype: lucia.peralta.munguia  Nombre: Lucía Peralta, Edad: 40, Trabajo: Médica, Aficiones: Naturaleza, Meditación, Conversar con gente, Bailar Lindy Hop. Lugar de residencia: Heras (Cantabria, Norte de España). Idiomas: Inglés ( intermedio bajo ), Francés ( básico ).

c) Pilar Beltrán. I live in Madrid and I am a teacher, and you can contact me at
( Also I would love to chat in English).

Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, Tunisia,

Contact address:
As National Secretary in Botswana I invite Servas travellers to visit our  country. We have NGO organisations, schools, hospitals that you can visit. There are also opportunities to be a volunteer such as teaching.
We can offer a cultural exchange and visits, so you can know more about our Botswana.
A visit could be for few days or longer if staying with more than one host or
perhaps elsewhere.
Travellers would need to cover some of their own costs including transport
-some projects are outside the main town,
We use our local language and English. If you are interested in knowing more contact me at  Keletso Mompati

Contact address:
Members of Servas Burundi are interested in being part of the Making Connections project. If you are interested in coming to Burundi please
contact us at

Contact address:
Servas Cameroon would like to be part of the Making Connections
project. Please contact us at if you are interested
in visiting our country.

Contact address:
Servas Gambia would like to be part of the Making Connections project.
Please contact us at if you are interested in visiting
our country.

Contact address: Ghana
Servas Ghana would like offer a language and cultural experience to Servas
members of all ages based in Accra the capital. This includes the possibility of ethnic skills learning and volunteering. For more information contact Yawa Sellaisse Ababio, the national main contact, at

Contact address:
Over a number of years Servas Malawi has offered a language and cultural experience that is open to Servas members of all ages. For more information contact Demelza Benbow at
Country: MALAWI – Southern Africa area. Length: 1 month.
Programme includes: On arrival stay 2 days with National Sec then 2nights each with 5/6 Blantyre hosts. Hosts will:
a) Take you to work with them for a day.
b) Orientate you to taking minibuses etc.
c) Help you study Chichewa.
A longer stay with hosts while completing voluntary work with an allocated NGO’s which could be:
-Queens Hospital
–accountancy, finances; Namasimba Day Centre
–teaching 3-8yrs.; Open Arms Care of babies/feeding/play;
Chichiri Prison–Ladies section–English.

2 weeks self -funded travel around Malawi finishing with debrief with national secretary.
Requirements:You must: be 18y+ and a ‘model’ Servas -traveller; have experience as a Servas traveller/host; be able to communicate well/ok in English; cover cost of travel to Malawi; have sufficient funds to cover cost of lunches and local travel, Chichewa language lessons, travel Insurance,
pocket money; give a PowerPoint presentation about your life and
country; buy food and cook dinner each week for your ‘long –
stay’ hosts.; have funds to travel in Malawi in your last week.

Contact address:
Servas Rwanda hosts welcome Servas travellers and would like to offer opportunities for them to experience and understand the culture,
history and environment of Rwanda. For more information contact

Contact address:
It will be my pleasure to discuss with you some opportunities to deeply
visit and discover the beauties of our country. Adel Ali, national main contact at

Contact address:
Servas Uganda would like to be involved in the Making Connections project and to offer Servas travellers possibilities for a cultural programme and volunteering. For more information contact