Servas Jugend Sommer Camp Portugal 26.8.-1.9.2018

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This year the international youth meeting of Servas will be in Vila Nova de Cerveira, in Portugal. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Servas (1948- 2018) we thought that the theme of our camp should be a tribute to the ideas of Bob Luitweiler, our founder.

That is why we have chosen the theme „Citizens of the Earth – Without borders„, to claim peace, the idea that in a world without
borders there would be no countries at war. We want to address issues such as the right to free movement of people, problems with armed conflicts, traffic of people and guns, the human rights of refugees, etc. Without forgetting also our Earth, as the basic rights of the planet, respect for the environment, the carbon footprint and the waste of the planet’s resources. In general learn to respect our land as the home of all of us, without distinction of nationalities and with the same rights of citizens.


Place: Vila Nova de Cerveira, in Portugal
Dates: from 26th of August to 1st of September
Places: 50 places
Participants: Servas members from 18 to 30 years old. People under 18 (more than 15) can come with a older Brother or sister and with a parental authorization. Price: 155€

Organizers: This summer camp is been organized for a international Youth Committee composed for young Servas members from many different countries, with the cooperation of Servas Spain Youth committee, Servas Italy youth committee and Servas Portugal as a host country. You can collaborate if you want!!

More information:
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