Internationale Servas-Woche 2018

Dear Servas friends,

We want to invite you to participate in the Project “International Servas Week – Special edition 2018”, that you will find attached.

This project aims to put into action one of the ideas debated in the workshop we had at SICOGA 2015, and is the third year we organise it. You can find previous reports here

This project aims to continue this September and everyone can contribute to make it happen! And this year we propose you to organize an anniversary party as well, to celebrate our 70th years together.

We want to celebrate Servas, making connections all over the world during the same week, with simultaneous activities that spread Servas values, such as Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, and Understanding. And we want to start the 70TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION PICTURES COLLECTION. Please refer to the attached documents for more information or contact

Here you can see the aim of the project:



Name and theme: Connecting SERVAS: making connections with the world


Aim of the project:

What? Celebrate Servas Week once a year around the world, with simultaneous events organized during the week of 21st September.

How? Take part in global action to show ourselves to the world and so reinforce our values as an organisation, such as Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, Understanding.

Impact: As Servas members make new connections between us and with others who share common ground with Servas.

Annual Date: the week of 21st September, the UN international day of peace, to celebrate Servas values such as: Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, and Understanding.

You can find more information and examples in the file attached.

Thanks in advance for joining us in this activity!

In peace and friendship,

Innovation Group

Servas family in VARESE, LOMBARDY looking for babysitter

A Servas family in VARESE, LOMBARDY (close to Malpensa-Milano airport) looking for a baby sitter for 2 children , 11-15 years old.

The period is : from September 2018, but she can start earlier (during summer)

They offer loadging and conditions to be agreed.

Inquiries ONLY for SERVAS MEMBERS:  mail (at)


(Dies ist eine private Anfrage, Servas Deutschland ist nicht haftbar.)



Jahresversammlung Servas Indien 21-23.12.2018

Servas Indien lädt zu seineR Jahresversammlung ein


Dear all members and families of Servas,

I am happy to announce our annual general meeting on accordance with the decision made by executive committee. The AGM.
It will be held at the hill station and at international conference center MRA Initiative of Change in Panchagani.

Dates … 21 st to 23 rd December 2018 . Friday to Sunday . „Jahresversammlung Servas Indien 21-23.12.2018“ weiterlesen

Piemontesische Servas-Gruppe besuchte Hamburg im März 2018

Servas Hamburg hat die Organisatoren des Servas-Trekkings (pathways together im Piemont/Italien) von 2017 eingeladen, um sich für die tolle Organisation zu bedanken.
Es war gar nicht so einfach ein Servas-Treffen zwischen Piemont und Hamburg zu organisieren! Aber am Ende haben wir es geschafft, und wir sind am 23. März 2018 abgereist und am 27. März zurückgekommen.
„Piemontesische Servas-Gruppe besuchte Hamburg im März 2018“ weiterlesen