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Servas China, 2nd Annual Conference, July, Guangdong

Eine Servas-China-Einladung für die jährliche Konferenz ( auch als pdf  mit Program):

Dear sir/madam, 

We are delighted to extend this invitation to you for the second annual conference of Servas China to be host in Shaoguan, China.

Shaoguan is a historic place of interest of this country, having played an important role in the history of Buddhism and Christian in China ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaoguan ). You may also find this place of your interest as its Danxia UNESCO geo-park has been an attraction to tourists since the 1980s.

Again, we would love to see you again in this beautiful scenery. This year, our international communication is to be undertaken by Ms. Jingjing Zeng of Servas China. She has proved to be a most reliable and hospital person. You can reach her at 44356338@qq.com .

Best regards
Yours cordially
Jack R. Huang
National Secretary

Autor: loic -- 11.5.2016 14:53:47