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Servas, die Idee

SERVAS is a worldwide peace organization that tries to create a better understanding through personal contacts among the peoples of the world.
  • Woul you like to visit foreign countries and participate in the everyday life of the people there?
  • Do you want people from other countries to participate in your life for a short time?
  • Do you want to overcome your prejudices about other people?
  • Do you think peace is possible when everyone really wants it?

Peace, understanding, tolerance and social justice - these are the values to achieve the SERVAS at international level aims by promoting contacts between humans.

Trust and tolerance , resulting from mutual knowledge of the lifestyle and way of thinking of other people, are the basis for obtaining peace.

Our goal is to reduce prejudice between peoples through interpersonal contacts, to gain a better understanding of the mutual problems and thereby to contribute to (world) peace.

People who have learned to respect conflicting opinions through contacts with other peoples will not take a rejection or even a hostile attitude in the face of an apparently unexplainable reaction from another person. In the case of emerging confrontations, they will be looking for further motives to understand the problems.

SERVAS therefore tries to bring people of different origins and attitudes, different beliefs and different levitra generic pills into their home so that they can get to know each other.

SERVAS - History

SERVAS was founded in 1949 by a group of students in Denmark and soon spread all over the world. The original name of the organization was Open Door System of Work, Study and Travel.

It was later called SERVAS, which means "service" in Esperanto and expresses the idea of service to a worldwide understanding of the world.


Since 1972, SERVAS INTERNATIONAL is an internationally recognized organization based in Switzerland. The objectives were formulated in the Articles of Association as follows:

SERVAS INTERNATIONAL is an international, non-governmental federation of NATIONAL SERVASGROUPS, establishing a system of hosts and travelers to help build worldpeace, goodwill and understanding by providing opportunities for deeper, more personal contacts with people of other cultures and backgrounds.
SERVAS INTERNATIONAL is an international, non-governmental federation of national SERVAS groups that build a system of hosts and travelers that promotes world peace, mutual support and recognition and mutual understanding by providing opportunities for deeper and more personal contacts with people Other cultures and with a different background of experience.

SERVAS is represented in more than 110 countries around the world. The number of hosts per country is very different - between a host in Vietnam and over 1,500 hosts in the US, everything is possible. Most of the hosts are located in North America, many European countries as well as Israel, India, Australia and New Zealand.

All SERVAS groups are organized on a voluntary basis.

SERVAS Germany eV

In Germany, SERVAS is a registered non-profit organization.

Information about traveling and host Will in Germany can be found under travel with Servas or be hosted .

Each traveler and host household will be a member of SERVAS Germany eV for a period of one year

At the moment, we have around 1,400 hosts in Germany who are looking forward to foreign and domestic SERVAS travelers.

In many regions of Germany there are more or less regular meetings of SERVAS-interested persons and experts; More information about can be found at active Servas - Regional meetings .

Our member magazine "unterwegs" appears twice a year, it will be sent together with the host list in the spring and together with the confirmation documents for the host list in the autumn. Among About Servas - go you can read them on the Internet.

Detailed travel reports, drawn up by SERVAS traveler, will soon not only in the "go", but also on the Internet at About Servas - Travelogues be read.

Those who wish to volunteer with us, is this welcome - closer to under active Servas - Employees .

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