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Servas – the idea

Servas – the idea

Servas is an international peace association that works to build
international understanding by establishing personal contacts.

  • Would you like to visit foreign countries and join in the everyday
    lives of the people there?
  • Would you like people from other countries to join in your daily
    life for a short time?
  • Would you like to overcome prejudices and communicate with others?
  • Do you think that peace is possible if everyone really wants it?

Peace, understanding, tolerance and social justice are the goals that
SERVAS aims to achieve at an international level by promoting personal
Trust and tolerance are essential for peace and are built when people
gain an insight into the lives of other people.
Our aim is to overcome prejudices by establishing personal contacts
between people leading to more understanding of each other’s problems
and thus making a contribution to (world) peace.
Through contacts with people from other countries, people learn  to
respect different opinions too and their attitudes are not immediately
negative or even hostile if they don’t understand other people’s
reactions. If confrontations occur they will seek ways to understand the
That is why SERVAS wants people from different cultures, backgrounds,
races and religions to meet each other in their homes and really get to
know each other.

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