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Costs - why costs?

All SERVAS helpers work voluntarily. Nevertheless we do have costs such as, for example, for printing the host lists, telephone, internet, office material.

Part of the fees is forwarded to SERVAS INTERNATIONAL and goes towards funding international contacts and to supporting SERVAS representations which are still being developed.

LoI fee

The fee for an LoI is currently 20 € per person; no charge is made for children under 18 travelling with their parents.

Fee for members without voting rights 

 Travellers and hosts become non-voting members of SERVAS Germany e.V. for the period of one year. The fee is at least 10 € per year.
For hosts membership (without voting rights) is per host household and for the duration of the validity of the host list; the fee is due once a year when the new host list is updated.
A traveller who is not already a host and as such a member (without voting rights), will be a member for the duration of the validity of his/her LoI; the fee should be transferred to the coordinator’s account together with the fee for the issue of an LoI.


SERVAS Germany e.V. loans travellers lists for their planned journeys; a deposit of 30 € is charged for up to five lists. This deposit is repaid if the lists are returned to the coordinator together with a travel report within four weeks of the traveller’s return. If the lists are returned at a later date or not returned at all, SERVAS will retain the deposit.
Travellers may also leave their deposit on the coordinator’s account for other journeys; travellers can also donate the deposit to SERVAS Germany e.V.

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